The new dawn.

Ok. So I've created a blog. Do the world need another blog? Probably not.
But it's my attempt to spread my opinions on things and hopefully someone will find it entertaining or at least somewhat interesting.

What will I write about? Not quit sure, but I'll make a promise right here and now. I will never post pictures from the party the day before. I will never post todays outfit. I will never tell you what I cooked for dinner. I will never let you know that I've done workout. I will NOT ever use a pic of my dog or my kids as a profile picture! If you want that kind of shit please proceed to nearest facebook account...

What about me? Why should you bother? Well. Thats another issue... And really not my problem. I will try to deliver my truth as somebody cared. My insights might make sense to someone and I will try to add a kind of  North-European-flavor to american pop-culture. Think superman with a lovely seasoning of cinnamon roll or The Expendables giving birth to a polar bear. I work in an extremely boring office, my true believe is that no band started after 1999 could be really good. I watch a lot of movies and series, so that will probably be the target of my frustration from time to time. 

How long will I go on? No clue. Might be a few post or it might go on forever.
Fasten your seatbelt, the train is moving. Fast. Heading a rock wall.

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