Complains from a stalker...

I am a stalker. Occasionally my work is quite boring and I am now about to reveal my secret trick to make time fly at the office during such days. Although I hate the concept Facebook as a phenomenon and everything it stand for I am a devoted Facebook stalker. During my stalking sessions I have come across a behavior that disturbs me     .
I can´t understand how people able to posting pics on this god forgotten site, time and time again, fails to rotate them correctly... It makes me really upset stalking people by turning the screen 90 degrees clock-wise!

More related despicable behaviours:
Profile pictures of pets.
Profile pictures of kids.
Profile pictures with more than one person.

Something you might start of with a boring day to become a stalker:

  • Select a unknown person in your feed (probably in a comment to someone you know).
  • On this persons profile, select someone among their friends...
  • Repeat until you find someone with a mutual friend not directly related with the on you started of with (i.e. the person who revived the starting comment)
By the way; I'm not at all proud of this kind of behavior as I´m "morally" a Facebook antagonist. 
Please give your best idea of ease restlessness and boredom during office hours?

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