Monday morning laugh #3

Due to hectic (and extremly modayish monday) is the "episode" cancelled.
Please, if somebody has a suggestion go a head and post it!

One thing deserves to be mentioned though... This morning the entire city (~500 000) smelled like shit. Oddly enough no one seems to know why (or at least has the common sense to keep their mouth shut about it). A good  start of the week...

GP (in swedish)


I´m not crazy...

People should not be judged based on appearance. But in this case I'm willing to make an exception.
No further comments...


Monday morning laugh #2

As promissed is the MML-post this week featuring a bunch of krauts. Go a head and "sing dich nach vegas"!


Complains from a stalker...

I am a stalker. Occasionally my work is quite boring and I am now about to reveal my secret trick to make time fly at the office during such days. Although I hate the concept Facebook as a phenomenon and everything it stand for I am a devoted Facebook stalker. During my stalking sessions I have come across a behavior that disturbs me     .
I can´t understand how people able to posting pics on this god forgotten site, time and time again, fails to rotate them correctly... It makes me really upset stalking people by turning the screen 90 degrees clock-wise!

More related despicable behaviours:
Profile pictures of pets.
Profile pictures of kids.
Profile pictures with more than one person.

Something you might start of with a boring day to become a stalker:

  • Select a unknown person in your feed (probably in a comment to someone you know).
  • On this persons profile, select someone among their friends...
  • Repeat until you find someone with a mutual friend not directly related with the on you started of with (i.e. the person who revived the starting comment)
By the way; I'm not at all proud of this kind of behavior as I´m "morally" a Facebook antagonist. 
Please give your best idea of ease restlessness and boredom during office hours?


Monday morning laugh #1

I shouldn't lower my self to just post funny youtube clips on this blog... So I decided to limit such operations to every monday morning. That when you really need it... Our coffee machine breaks down all the time, today was no exception. Thats when a good laughter truly is needed...

So lets start of with a clip featuring two of my personal favorite topics. Germans and disabled people!
Can´t really explain whats so funny about Germany, but I'm pretty sure it all runs back to a certain short, black-haired, furious dictator! Why disabled people is funny needs no further explanation. It speaks for itself!

I can already vouch for that the post next week also will feature germans!


Great inverted Prozac

Dragged my ass down to the theater yesterday and saw Biutiful (Alejandro González Iñárritu). Had some expectations, as I really enjoyed Babel a couple of years ago. It was overall a very beautiful movie, yet extremely depressing. Lets just say that it would be a terrible idea to hand out shotguns, painkillers or snares to the audience prior the movie. The majority wouldn't leave the room. Javier Bardem performs really well... Spanish movies (that made it international) has proven to be quite good, e.g. Pan's Labyrinth (del Toro).
Really hard to rate but I'll try: 170/210 canoes in the river.

The movie theater experience yesterday was surprisingly good. The last few times I've been really furious over people sending texts, giggling and talk loud. Guess its due the choice of movie...

-Are you calling me depressing, senior?

Geek tip: Bought the board game Carcassonne yesterday. Played it with wife and few glass of wine. Something I recommend. Best of all: You stay inside, lock the door and don't have to confront anyone! There are a lot of great people out there but i would say 65% are directly disturbing 20 % is somewhat annoying 10 % are OK and 5% are fantastic!


Eat, love and pray it will be over...

A couple of days ago I watched The Expendables. Thought it would be nice with some good old action. All i felt  once the credits rolled was emptiness and a urge to claim my lost time back... To be fair it had some good things to it, but overall you don´t want to see a bunch of guys, way past their due days, blowing stuff up. Jason Statham  performs a solid effort and manages to lift it from a "please don't blow up the car, blow up my living room instead"-experience. The feeling I had pretty much reminds of what I felt after watching Eat, pray, love... Another couple of hour waisted. A very typical chick-flick featuring Julia Robert but surprisingly NOT Hugh Grant. It should be mentioned that I could enjoy a love/drama/comedy once in a while. But this one didn't make it at all. Eat, pray and spread my brain in the wind...

On the good side this morning: Season 4 of Californication is back. I love it. The concept of making a shows revolving around a guy which behaves as an as is not very creative, but it is very satisfying to watch him go berserk. It adds a flavor to all ordinary lives lived by ordinary people. Kind of soften the otherwise sharp edges of my square life! Beautiful!


The new dawn.

Ok. So I've created a blog. Do the world need another blog? Probably not.
But it's my attempt to spread my opinions on things and hopefully someone will find it entertaining or at least somewhat interesting.

What will I write about? Not quit sure, but I'll make a promise right here and now. I will never post pictures from the party the day before. I will never post todays outfit. I will never tell you what I cooked for dinner. I will never let you know that I've done workout. I will NOT ever use a pic of my dog or my kids as a profile picture! If you want that kind of shit please proceed to nearest facebook account...

What about me? Why should you bother? Well. Thats another issue... And really not my problem. I will try to deliver my truth as somebody cared. My insights might make sense to someone and I will try to add a kind of  North-European-flavor to american pop-culture. Think superman with a lovely seasoning of cinnamon roll or The Expendables giving birth to a polar bear. I work in an extremely boring office, my true believe is that no band started after 1999 could be really good. I watch a lot of movies and series, so that will probably be the target of my frustration from time to time. 

How long will I go on? No clue. Might be a few post or it might go on forever.
Fasten your seatbelt, the train is moving. Fast. Heading a rock wall.