Eat, love and pray it will be over...

A couple of days ago I watched The Expendables. Thought it would be nice with some good old action. All i felt  once the credits rolled was emptiness and a urge to claim my lost time back... To be fair it had some good things to it, but overall you don´t want to see a bunch of guys, way past their due days, blowing stuff up. Jason Statham  performs a solid effort and manages to lift it from a "please don't blow up the car, blow up my living room instead"-experience. The feeling I had pretty much reminds of what I felt after watching Eat, pray, love... Another couple of hour waisted. A very typical chick-flick featuring Julia Robert but surprisingly NOT Hugh Grant. It should be mentioned that I could enjoy a love/drama/comedy once in a while. But this one didn't make it at all. Eat, pray and spread my brain in the wind...

On the good side this morning: Season 4 of Californication is back. I love it. The concept of making a shows revolving around a guy which behaves as an as is not very creative, but it is very satisfying to watch him go berserk. It adds a flavor to all ordinary lives lived by ordinary people. Kind of soften the otherwise sharp edges of my square life! Beautiful!

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  1. I think that Californication is way overhyped. Everybody tipped me about it. Said that i would love it. I hate it. It's a piece of shit show. It's pure emptiness.

  2. When i started with the first 3 seasons I had no expectations at all... That usually affect my judgement. If a show get to hyped it is kind of ruined. I am always slow on hypes: just finished the Wire and started Sopranos. A few years after the hype in Sweden. About the emptiness I can agree. The plots been exactly the same from first few episodes. Just over and over again. Hope my opinion doesn't scare you away from following the blog. And now some as kissing: I really enjoy yours... Probably one of the better in swedish!