Shit faced mice

Researchers in Sweden claims that they found a substance that will affect the reward substances in the brain. This could/should be a effective cure against alcoholism. So far; everything great. And nothing to argue about.

What caught my attention is that it so far only have been tested on mice! MICE for god sake!
The question one must ask is then: How do they get the rats drunk? What is there drink of choise?
And maybe most important: How do they distinguish the party-drunk rats from the rats suffering from alcoholism?!?

Any ideas? I feel that I have to dig deeper in this. Might send a e-mail to the inverted mice rehab... In that case I will come back with the uncut conversation...

GP (in swedish)

Perhaps I should add that I´m not some animal rights guy. It might be legitimate to use rats in order to change the society we live in... And by the way, they are allowed to be drunk at work...

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